Bio: I’m Nick Dragone, the Wanderlust Guru. Wanderlust Guru is a travel blog dedicated to all types of travel. I like to think I’m an unbiased person when it comes to going to a destination. No matter how famous or infamous I like to have the experience for myself, and I would like to encourage that as well. All you need for a trip is a little bit of curiosity. When I was a child I was very fascinated by images of different countries and cultures. I got to visit Italy twice when I was in my formative years which left a real impressive on me also. In college I started with smaller trips in the USA, and eventually making the decision to study abroad in Torino, Italy in the fall of 2009. In Torino I acclimated to Italian life and the language, and purposely making my classes only 2 days of the week I was gallivant all around the European continent to different cities. This period in time really solidified my wanderlust, and I haven’t been able to stop in the past 5 years. If you’re the type of person who is constantly thinking about travel, planning your next trip, or want to get some tips to give travel more priority in your life, then this is the blog for you. Welcome, and happy wanderings.

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